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Ningbo Yi Yi Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yi Yi Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is famous China Lock Accessories/Cylinder Manufacturers and Lock Accessories/Cylinder factory, established in 2022-04-07, is a combination of industry and trade enterprises, including Ningbo Xinhaocheng Precision Parts Co. With 1000 square meters of production plant and 30 employees. Its 2 companies focus on centering machine processing, production of wholesale Lock Accessories/Cylinder, and has advanced imported equipment from Japan: STAR and Tsugami 5-9 axis centering machine, Citizen lathe, machining center and other equipment. The machine has the function of six-axis turning processing, which can complete drilling, turning, milling, tapping, boring, reaming, hobbing, shaping, etc. at one time, which can ensure the high precision, consistency and stable tolerance of shape of the parts. And according to the customer's needs, the power cutting tool function module with front and side milling function can be installed to complete the precision machining of complex shaft parts.

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We regard quality as our life. From quotation, customer order, equipment, material, production, surface treatment, to inspection, to final packaging, every step must be perfect.

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What is Lock Accessories/Cylinder
Lock accessories and cylinder refer to components used in locks to enhance their security and functionality.
Lock accessories may include items such as keyed alike systems, thumb turns, deadbolts, and lock boxes. A cylinder refers to the part of the lock that contains the keyway, tumbler mechanism, and is the component that is turned to operate the lock. Cylinders can be rekeyed to change the lock's combination, making it more secure.
In general, lock accessories and cylinders play a crucial role in ensuring the security of buildings and property by providing a physical barrier to unauthorized entry.

Advantages of Lock Accessories/Cylinder
There are several advantages to using lock accessories or cylinders, including:
1.Increased security: Lock accessories and cylinders can provide additional security by making it harder for intruders to pick or bypass the lock.
2.Convenience: With the right accessories, you can control access to different parts of a building or set up a master key system, making it easier to manage multiple locks.
3.Durability: High-quality lock accessories and cylinders are designed to withstand heavy use and resist tampering, so they can last for many years.
4.Aesthetics: With a variety of designs and finishes, lock accessories and cylinders can complement the decor of a building and improve its overall appearance.
5.Customizability: Lock accessories and cylinders can be tailored to meet specific needs, such as providing keyless entry or integrating with other security systems.