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Ningbo Yi Yi Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yi Yi Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is famous China Precision Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturers and Precision Metal Stamping Parts factory, established in 2022-04-07, is a combination of industry and trade enterprises, including Ningbo Xinhaocheng Precision Parts Co. With 1000 square meters of production plant and 30 employees. Its 2 companies focus on centering machine processing, production of wholesale Precision Metal Stamping Parts, and has advanced imported equipment from Japan: STAR and Tsugami 5-9 axis centering machine, Citizen lathe, machining center and other equipment. The machine has the function of six-axis turning processing, which can complete drilling, turning, milling, tapping, boring, reaming, hobbing, shaping, etc. at one time, which can ensure the high precision, consistency and stable tolerance of shape of the parts. And according to the customer's needs, the power cutting tool function module with front and side milling function can be installed to complete the precision machining of complex shaft parts.

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We regard quality as our life. From quotation, customer order, equipment, material, production, surface treatment, to inspection, to final packaging, every step must be perfect.

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What is Precision Metal Stamping Parts
Precision metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which flat metal sheets are transformed into specific shapes and sizes through the use of stamping presses and tooling. Precision metal stamping parts are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, and medical devices. These parts are known for their accuracy, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness. The process allows for the creation of complex shapes and designs with tight tolerances and a high degree of precision, making it a versatile and efficient method for mass production.

Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping Parts
There are some advantages of Precision Metal Stamping Parts,such as:
1.Cost-effectiveness: Precision metal stamping is a cost-effective method for producing large quantities of high-quality metal parts.
2.Consistency: Precision metal stamping ensures consistent production of parts with tight tolerances and high repeatability, leading to higher quality end products.
3.Design flexibility: Metal stamping can produce complex shapes and designs, making it a versatile option for producing a wide range of metal parts.
4.Speed: Precision metal stamping can produce parts quickly and efficiently, reducing lead time and increasing production speed.
5.Material options: Metal stamping can be used with a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, offering a range of material options for different applications.
6.Surface finish options: Precision metal stamping can produce parts with a variety of surface finishes, including electro-plating, powder coating, and anodizing, to meet specific functional or aesthetic requirements.